Thrift Style: Fly Won

Meet Thrifting Atlanta fashionista Fly Won. She is a master thrifter and the owner of Fly's Nest an online vintage clothing boutique. She shares her passion of thrifting on her youtube channel where viewers can get thrifting tips and see her thrift hauls.

She enjoys the constant thrill of happening on the next best find! She describes thrifting as a treasure hunt. Her favorite spot to thrift in Atlanta is Goodwill. "I've mastered their system and like their organization," she said. Her number one tip for thrifting newbies is to be patient!

Her Thrift Style: Bolero- Vintage (Goodwill) $4.94/ Top- Arden B (Goodwill) $4.94/ Jeans- Ann Taylor (Goodwill) $6.96/ Accessories- Necklace (Goodwill) $3.93 andClutch (Goodwill) $4.00/ Accessories- Earrings ( Shoes- Jessica Simpson (Nordstrom Rack) FREE purchased with gifted gift card 
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