Back by Popular Demand Consignment Dollar Sale

Last weekend, my mom and friends made our way over to Back By Popular Demand Consignment for their bi-annual Dollar Sale. This event raises money for a local charity selected by the owner. We were the early birds arriving at 6 am (the sale started at 9 am) in the hopes of catching the best deals.

Owner, Melissa Baxter, and her team where still setting up for the big sale. Over 7,000 pieces of fashion, clothing, accessories and shoes were brought outside for the sale.

Being one of the first people there, allows you see the items and develop your thrifting strategy.

With everyone in place and after a prayer, we were ready for the dollar sale to start!

Click HERE to see the video of how the shoppers rushed to the racks! Below are a few pics of the shoppers on a quest to find the best pieces. 

We had a blast and scored some great pieces. Click HERE to see more pictures on facebook.

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