Thrifting Atlanta Style Setter: Just Jewels 4 U

Meet Thrifting Atlanta Style Setter Wendy of Just Jewels 4 U. She is a newbie to thrifting but enjoys the fun of finding "new-to-her" pieces. "I just got into the thrifting game," she said. "I prefer thrifting because you can be creative with your wardrobe."  Her favorite spots are Goodwill and Value Village.  Her number tip for a thrifting newbie is to go thrifting without a specific item to buy. "You will end up leaving with nothing,: she said. "Go in with a creative mind and you will find treasures."
Blouse- $5.95 Goodwill PowderSprings/ Pants$5.95 Goodwill PowderSprings/Earrings- 50 cents Last Chance Thrift Shop Dunwoody/Bracelet- JustJewels4U

What do you think of her thrift style?
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