Week Two: Our Favorite Thrifted Trends

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our Thrifted Trends Challenge. Another hard decision, but we had to do it. Here are our fave thrifted trends of the week.

Day 6: Neon- The Spoiled Diva is rocking her Neon maxi skirt as a dress.

Day 7: Clip-On Earrings- Thrifty Yet Pretty in her classic pearl clip-on earrings.

Day 8: Clutch- Finding Her Niche colorblock clutch purse.

Day 9: Blazer- We love how Cristinohyie is rocking her blazer as a mini dress.

Day 10:  Fashion_junkey  thrifted these Diane Von Furstenburg wedges

Day 11: Polka Dots- Shezarebel rocked this polka dot flirty mini!

Day 12: Lace- Snap Shots n Sweet Treats rocks her lace dress as a top, styled with a pencil skirt.

Which look is your favorite?

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