The Task Weekly Style Challenge: Thrifted Prints

Our thrift sister Inez of Style 360 has created a thrifted weekly style challenge for instagrammers called The Task. She posts The Task on Friday and you have until the following Thursday by 12 am to tag your photo with the hashtag #thrift360 to participate in the challenge. 

She selects her favorite looks and tags them as #thrift360lookweluvOur Thrifting Atlanta Fashionistas who make the list will be featured on our blog. So be sure to join in on the fun and show how we thrift Atlanta. Last Week's Task was Prints and our Thrifting Atlanta Fashionistas Two Stylish Kays, I Am Priiincesss, Shoemisses and Fly Won showed out! Here are their featured looks:
Two Stylish Kays

I Am Priiincesss


Fly Won

This week's task is Blazers. Will you join in the fun?

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