Thrifting Atlanta Event: Fashion Swap at B & R Thrift Store on Saturday, August 2nd

The Thrifting Atlanta Fashion Swap is scheduled for Saturday, August 2nd 2pm at B & R Thrift Store, 6650 Roswell Road NE, Atlanta 30328. The fee to participate is $15 (with a clothing donation, minimum of 3 items)/$20 (without clothing donation). 

Donated fashion items are organized and displayed in the designated room/space we affectionately call the "Swap Boutique". We get donations from attendees, retailers and fashion bloggers too!


  • Bring items that are new or once-loved items. Items that are in season are preferred.
  • We accept clothing, shoes, purses, belts, scarfs, other accessories and perfume. 
  • Absolutely NO undergarments, swimwear, makeup or clothing with holes or stains.
  • The overall idea, is to bring items that you would be proud to give your best friend. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse items are do not meet our swap standards.

  • On arrival, you will receive a wristband and entry number. This number will be based on your arrival time.
  • Drop off your items to the designated Swap Room. Your items will be tagged with you social media information.
  • While your items are being sorted, network with other attendees or shop B & R Thrift Store.
  • After the networking Happy Hour, the fashion swap will begin.


    • During the first round of the swap, groups of 5 or less enter the "Swap Boutique" to select their three favorite pieces. But they only have five minutes to do so. It is a very intense and careful consideration is given to each piece that is selected. 

    • During the last round of the swap, everyone shops at once. You can take as many items that you can stuff your shopping bag! It gets a little competitive, but it a very fun experience.

    • Happy swappers with their bag filled with new-to-you fashion!

    Do you want to join the fun?

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